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Are you having an Identity Crisis?  Who Am I? Is there life out there?

Every journey begins with that first step. And I’d like to help you take that first step in your journey to healing yourself – mind, body and soul! My own journey is one of moving from labels and being a victim of my diagnoses to taking control of my health and, ultimately, my life. I’d like to share it with you and guide you to take your power back!

From an early age we are “told” what to do, we are told “who we are” – such a “good girl”,  You’ll be an engineer (a vet, a doctor etc) when you grow up, maybe the last name like “You are an Emerson!”,  or maybe you were told “you’re bad”, “you’re a brat, you’re fat, you’re a loser, you’re stupid etc”.  I believe you understand where I am going – We are given LABELS!  Some good, some not so good. 

Let’s take this LABELING a little farther.  Have you ever had a health diagnosis; Depression, Anxiety, OCD, Migraines, IBS, High Blood Pressure etc?  Do these LABELS now define who you are? Do you claim them as “my anxiety” etc?  Are they limiting you from participating and enjoying life?

These external labels are part of your life, they are not WHO you are. 

When I was younger, I was diagnosed many times with many different illnesses and conditions. Chronic Fatigue, IBS, ITP etc … all of these conditions placed labels on me and conditions on how I could and could not live. 

As I explored symptom treatment after symptom treatment, I began to feel worse and worse. Eventually, I just became a victim to all these conditions and began to define myself by them. I became limited. 

I decided to take control of my body, my health and my life and refused to be controlled by these limits and decided to stop playing the victim and hiding behind each of my diagnoses. As my healing journey progressed, I was able to get off all of my medications and I started tearing off those labels that held me for so long.

As I was healing my body, my marriage started to deteriorate and ultimately led to a new label: divorcee. This new label carried its own guilt and shame that I had to learn to overcome. 

I had a later diagnosis of pre-cancerous cells –  but this time, I knew myself better. I knew that I would NOT wear that label and carry those limitations with me. I set out to create an environment within my body mind and soul that was so healthy, disease could not take root and continue to exist. Guess who won that battle? This Rebel!

I have taken my experiences and used them to help others stop identifying as a victim to their diagnosis and remove the labels that have been placed on them either by themselves or society.

Together, we create a healthy environment where dis-ease cannot exist, and they become free, confident and clear to live without labels that limit!

Health is a state of mind,
Wellness is a state of being.

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